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Brides and grooms! Looking for some beautiful reception decor inspiration? We know trying to put all of the design pieces together for a tablescape can be challenging, especially if you are unsure of the exact “look” you are wanting for your wedding. We have included some of our recent, favorite wedding tablescapes to help your imagination! Click to see more images from each wedding.

MyVan and Rich

Tampa Wedding Photography_0225

Michael and Rodrigo

Tampa Wedding Photography_0226

Tessa and Paul

Tampa Wedding Photography_0227

Amanda and AJ

Tampa Wedding Photography_0228

Brittany and Mike

Tampa Wedding Photography_0229

Over the years we have seen a lot of beautiful brides and handsome grooms on wedding day; one thing we are big believers in is preparation after the engagement that can help you look your best on the big day. Guess what? We even did the research for you! Here are some of our tips on how to look your best, not only for your significant other, but for your wedding images as well.


Manicure/Pedicure: This one should seem like a no-brainer. Keep those nails clean and polished! Not only will people be asking to see your ring after you are engaged, but this is a bi-weekly or monthly routine that will keep your nails healthy. Not to mention, we will see your nails in your wedding images. BONUS: MEN, this is for YOU too! Who says manicures/pedicures aren’t masculine? Not only do your nails look better after, but it feels amazing. Seriously, you even get a little mini massage.





Teeth Whitening: This is for BOTH brides and grooms. It is nice to have beautiful pearly whites for all of your wedding images. It doesn’t even have to break the bank! We recommend Crest white strips for our more budget friendly couples. (Or, some visits to your dentist will do the trick, it may just cost a little more) Start this routine 3-6 months before the wedding for best results. A white smile can truly lighten and brighten any picture.


Get some rest: Yes, sleep! Sleep makes you feel better, but its importance goes way beyond just boosting your mood or banishing under-eye circles. Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more. Most healthy adults need 7.5-9 hours of sleep each night to to function at their best.


tampa-wedding-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0310 tampa-wedding-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0311


Eat healthy: Even though it may be hard, eating healthy really does make your body and mind feel better. (Put down the donut and pick up some broccoli! Ok, maybe one donut won’t hurt..) It also helps reduce bloating, irritability, and fatigue. What else? Drinking at least a gallon of water a day helps tremendously as well.


tampa-wedding-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0313 tampa-wedding-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0317


Get Fit: No, we are not intense workout pushers here (we love fried foods and sweets, too) but working out can help tone you up before the wedding, as well as help your posture.  It also detoxifies your skin, gives your more energy, helps you lose any weight that is bothering you, and boosts endorphones- healthy and happy, win-win! Not to mention, helps with the occasional stress of wedding planning. Gym memberships can cost anywhere from $10-100 a month, no need for a trainer. But, if you need that extra motivation and accountability, a trainer may just be the right fit for you!





Start treating your skin right: This one is important, start taking care of your skin months in advance. Cleansing and hydration is essential to clean, clear skin. A good moisturizer, hydrating serum, and facial routine will help give you picture perfect pores! Don’t forget the rest of your body- a good body scrub can smooth the rest of your skin and a good moisturizing lotion will keep it feeling like silk.


Don’t neglect your brows: Have scarce brows? Encourage growth by upping your vitamin A, C, and E intake. Also, try not to pluck or wax them for awhile. It may be difficult to shape, but this will help with hair regrowth. There are also some great salons that offer henna and natural looking tattooed brows! Too much brow? The best advice would be to see a professional that can shape your brows with waxing or threading. Or, old fashioned tweezing is an option as well- just don’t over pluck! Brows have recently become a major trend; they help define and shape your face. Don’t neglect them!


Orlando wedding photographers at Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando




This is one of the most talked about questions when talking weddings with our amazing couples. We have a deep love for “first looks” here at ADP, mainly because they are awesome. But, let us explain. While we do have some traditional couples who prefer to see each other for the first time at the ceremony (which is absolutely fine!), a majority of couples say “Yes!” to the big reveal and it can be a fun and intimate encounter! And that saying “It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding”, that’s a bunch of bologna! While we know some brides love tradition, what most brides want is “reaction,” and there’s a stigma that the amazingly emotional and special moment of walking down the aisle won’t produce that same reaction with a first look.Well, we are here to say..that’s not true!


tampa-wedding-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0419 tampa-wedding-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0420

Kristy and Rhys

“We really enjoyed having a first look. It was a special moment that we got to share with just the two of us. My husband was able to tell me how beautiful I looked in private and didn’t have to wait until after the ceremony. This day only comes once in a lifetime so we wanted to spend as much time with our friends and family so being at the cocktail hour was one of the ways we could spend more time with them. Lastly, it took away all the nerves we were having. We were able to be together first without everybody watching us.”


We know a wedding day can be a bit (or a lot) stressful for a bride and groom.

“I have to have my make-up perfect.”

“What time is it?”

“When are my flowers arriving?”

“What is this flower thing and how do I put it on my jacket?”

As the day goes on, the tension grows and before the ceremony starts, the anxiety builds. As much as grooms can seem cool and collected on the big day, they get nervous too! Is walking down the aisle and having all your guests watch both of your facial expressions and actions private and intimate? Yes, it is powerful and amazing, but some couples don’t want that pressure weighing on them before the ceremony.


tampa-wedding-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0415 tampa-wedding-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0416

Kaitlyn and Pete

“Weddings can be a very nerve wrecking event in your life. Pete is the number one person to make me feel at ease and I knew seeing him before the aisle would take all the nerves away. I wanted to really be able to vividly remember the first time seeing him on our wedding day. I didn’t want any other distractions ( like hoping I didn’t trip walking down the aisle!).  I just wanted it to be me and him in that moment.”


So let’s throw a trendy curve ball in. What if the bride and groom went to a private place- no onlookers- no distractions- just the two of them. The bride slowly walks up to her groom, taps him on the shoulder, and he turns to see the most beautiful girl in the world and embrace her in that moment. She asks “Do you like my dress?”, he smiles and tells her how amazing she looks, and comfort hits. Sounds like a dream right?


tampa-wedding-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0417 tampa-wedding-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0418

Jael and Tim

“We chose to do a first look because it allowed us alone time together to enjoy that special moment just the two of us on our wedding day. Spending the wedding day with family and friends is great but at the end of it, it truly is about the two of you and throughout the night there isn’t a lot of time for that, believe it or not. We are glad we did the first look. Having a moment alone was what we needed, the pictures turned our great and it kept us from being a mess at the alter!”


Now, let me just say that our couples are not required to partake in a first look, that is absolutely up to the bride and groom. We have seen many benefits in taking the time to have a first look and we only want the best for our cherished brides and grooms so we wanted to share a couple of its benefits.

Let’s be honest, couples invest a lot of money in their wedding photography. With a first look, the bride and groom with get more portraits of the two of them, aka. more beautiful images documenting the big day! With the investment of photography, a first look can help make the most of your money!

What else? The couple gets to share some intimate time together! They can talk, and giggle, and hold each other…without having to wait until the ceremony is over. They each get the opportunity to tell one another how amazing they look and how excited they are to be marrying the love of their lives, and share their love with each other. This also eliminates a majority of nerves and also extends your wedding party time! This also gives the couple the opportunity to partake in cocktail hour if they would like to mix and mingle with guests.


tampa-wedding-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0421 tampa-wedding-photography-andi-diamond-photography_0422

Brittany and Mike

“When planning our wedding, the advice we often received was to find time slow down and enjoy the special moments of your wedding because the day that you spend a year planning goes by in the blink of an eye. We will always remember our first look where we met on the bridge to share a reflective moment with just the two of us before we said I do. Afterwards, we enjoyed taking photos with our parents and entire bridal party, so we could jump right into the reception fun with our all of our wedding guests after the ceremony.”












Oh, there’s so many sweet things to say about the “M” family. I first started capturing this adorable family’s memories when Courtney was pregnant with Gavin, the second oldest. We have been able to document all of their amazing memories in-between and have enjoyed seeing the boys grow up. They are little men now! There is also a new, little man joining the clan…precious, Callen. We loved getting to meet and squeeze him at his Tampa newborn session. We can only imagine what that household will look like full of 4 teenage boys…Courtney and Jason sure have their hands full! We will say, each boy has their own unique personality and will be sure to give new baby brother lots of love. We are  excited to continue watching the boys grow know they will just get sweeter and more handsome.


Tampa Newborn Photography | Andi Diamond Photography_1172 Tampa Newborn Photography | Andi Diamond Photography_1173 Tampa Newborn Photography | Andi Diamond Photography_1174 Tampa Newborn Photography | Andi Diamond Photography_1175 Tampa Newborn Photography | Andi Diamond Photography_1176 Tampa Newborn Photography | Andi Diamond Photography_1177 Tampa Newborn Photography | Andi Diamond Photography_1178 Tampa Newborn Photography | Andi Diamond Photography_1179 Tampa Newborn Photography | Andi Diamond Photography_1180 Tampa Newborn Photography | Andi Diamond Photography_1181 Tampa Newborn Photography | Andi Diamond Photography_1182 Tampa Newborn Photography | Andi Diamond Photography_1183 Tampa Newborn Photography | Andi Diamond Photography_1184

This week’s wedding inspiration highlights significant dances at a wedding reception. It’s always a special and memorable sight when a bride and groom share a dance with their parents or a family member and we are honored to capture these beautiful moments. Take a look at some of our past dances; you can feel the emotion!


Tampa Wedding photographers_0113

Tampa Wedding photographers_0114 Tampa Wedding photographers_0115 Tampa Wedding photographers_0116 Tampa Wedding photographers_0117 Tampa Wedding photographers_0118 Tampa Wedding photographers_0119 Tampa Wedding photographers_0120

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