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In August, I started a little ole Facebook group called ADP Diamond girls. Little did I know that within 6 months it would grow to be the amazing network of women that it is today. Today we are quickly approaching 3,000 members!

I started the ADP Diamond Girls FB Group because I wanted to create a place where women can come to shout their successes, share their challenges, and get a good laugh or two. I wanted to create a space where friends and clients could converge and I could share silly stories, let you in on fun events, and invite you to be the first on any portrait promotions. I want to help women feel empowered, beautiful in their own skin, and surrounded by other women who raise each other up! Find your tribe of positivity ! Now in days, it is so easy to be judged and pressured to meet lofty expectations. That is why ADP Diamond Girls Facebook Group is such a special place. Women are truly rooting for each other and looking to help and support each other in any ways they can. It’s like the ADP Diamond Girls is open arms and anyone who finds their way to it will be welcomed with a warm hug.

It has been so inspiring to witness the growth of this group. It is so uplifting to see women who don’t even know each other come together and support one another.

“So I just have to say, this page is inspiring. It is so nice to see women bringing other women up and not down!”

— Brittany, ADP Diamond Girl Member

Feel free to invite any fun, fearless, female friends!

ADP Diamond Girls

Today was the day… the very first ADP Women’s Retreat was supposed to start today. And it isn’t. It was completely sold out. And it got canceled (Thanks COVID-19… you really suck). I am so bummed, disappointed, and honestly a bit pissed too. My first retreat was a flop. No one booked. So, I took that failure as a lesson and revamped. I try to remind myself there is no such thing as failure, only feedback! So, I am putting this out there. I will come back; better, stronger, and with even more fun in store. Keep your eyes posted on this website! Big things will happen for you, Diamond Girls.. I will assure you of that!

Be the first to hear about the next Diamond Girls Wellness Retreat and Join the ADP Diamond Girls FB Group.

And keep your eyes peeled on the Diamond Girls Retreat Website

An engagement session is a given when it comes to the days leading up to your wedding day, but don’t stop there. Leave your soon to be husband breathless and surprise him with a little something moments  before your I-dos. A boudoir album is a perfect wedding day surprise. This gift can make the grooms special day even that much better. Often couples will exchange sweet love notes right before the see each other at the ceremony. Throw the groom a curve ball and put your love note in the form of a boudoir portfolio. Not only is bridal boudoir a special gift between you and your partner. It also brings back a little more of the wedding day chills. Now in days, the first moment the groom sees his bride is not on the isle. Now it is popular for the couple to have a mini portrait session before the ceremony. Yes, this takes away a little bit of the days anticipation but it saves time. But do not fret, that’s where boudoir comes in! A boudoir album can bring back some of the butterflies for your groom. 
Engagement is a thrilling time of your life. A bridal boudoir album can also be a momento for you. At Andi Diamond Photography we love to capture the beer of joy that our brides have. The camera just perfectly captures the overflow of love that these ladies are feeling. Also, the excitement of the brides because they know their husbands are going to flip when they see their “love note”.

Have you considering gifting the ultimate love letter?

And let’s not forget! It’s still all about you. Wedding planning is stressful! A boudoir shoot is the perfect woosa. Take the day away from wedding planning and treat yourself! Your wedding day isn’t the only day that is all about you;)

Andi Diamond Photography and The Spring of Tampa Bay

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity of interview CEO of The Spring of Tampa Bay, Mindy Murphy.

The Spring’s mission is to prevent domestic violence, protect victims and promote change in lives, families, and communities. Since its founding in 1977, the Spring has provided its supportive services to over 68,000 abused women in the Hillsborough County community.

In midst of quarantining a lot of women are trapped in an unhealthy or violent home environment. I reached out to Mindy to see how I and the ADP Diamond Girls could help make a difference. During the interview, I asked Mindy if the Spring has seen an influx of women calling in and she said, “Not yet”. She explained, that women who need help were most likely not in a safe position to reach out for help. Mindy anticipates that there will be a waive of victims that will contact the Spring after quarantine restrictions have been lifted.

To watch the full interview go to the ADP Diamond Girls FB Group or click HERE

So, in efforts to help women who are battling an abusive relationship, I have launched the GIVE/GET benefit for the Spring of Tampa Bay. For a $99 donation made to The Spring, I will give a client a free $495 boudoir session with hair and make-up included! It is so important that we do everything we can to help uplift women in our community and I think The Spring is a beyond a worthy cause. I’m excited for women to embark on the amazing journey of a boudoir session. The donations from these sessions will be impacting a woman’s life in such a powerful way. At the Spring $99 goes a long way. These ladies donations will provide: 2 nights of emergency shelter for a woman and her children, all meals during emergency stay, child care, and counseling and advising services.

Learn more about a GIVE/GET Beauty Session HERE

Andi Diamond Photography and #thefrontstepsproject

Shortly after the storm of COVID-19 came to be, I heard about a photographer out of Massachusetts doing something called #thefrontstepsproject. It was such an amazing and uplifting idea it inspired me and many other photographers to jump start this project in our communities. I had an overwhelming response from over 100 families who wanted to participate in the #thefrontstepsproject. In exchange for a 5 minute family portrait session, I asked the families to make a donation to Feeding Tampa Bay or the American Red Cross. I brought my long lens camera with me so I could easily maintain a safe distance. Most of the time I was taking shots from the street, inside my car! I encouraged families to get creative with props and posters and they did not disappoint! From rolls of toilet paper and cleaning supplies to posters of thank yous to our health care workers, each family portrait was so special.

The Tampa community is so wonderful! I’m so glad I was able to capture an uplifting moment in time for these families. Smiling and showing love during times of stress….from 15 feet away… made such a difference and I’m glad I could be apart of it. #thefrontstepsproject was togetherness at its finest. Thanks to all the families for your donations to the American Red Cross and Feeding Tampa Bay!

Click Here to see the local news coverage on Andi Diamond Photography and #thefrontporchproject

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